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The cuvée was bottled with a dosage of special sparkling wine yeast and allowed to ferment in the bottle.  Aged for 12 months “on the yeast” in the bottle, the wine develops the classic rich texture and refined “sparkle” that comes from this “Methode Champenoise” technique. delicate floral and peach aromas with a round and creamy mouthfeel with elegant flavors and well-balanced crispness.

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This cuvee was bottled using the “Methode Champenoise” technique with a dosage of yeast and allowed to ferment and age in bottle for 20 months in the bottle to develop the rich flavors and a creaminess. A blend of predominantly Pinot Noir with a little Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier from the cool North Coast growing region. The wine has a deep rich salmon color. The essence of apple and strawberry with a hint of cream and spice draws you in. Bright and fresh fruit greet your pallet and extend through till the very end of this beautiful sparkling wine.

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